Beyblade Metal Fusion Theme Song

This is the opening theme of Beyblade Metal Fusion in Hindi dub.


Beyblade beyblade hojao shuru
Ghumake inhe hazaro chakkar
Denge hum jamke takar
Jab tak he humme dum
Nahi peeche hatenge hum
Beyblade beyblade hojao shuru
Beyblade Metal Fusion Hindi Dub00:42

Beyblade Metal Fusion Hindi Dub

Beyblade beyblade hojao shuru
Nikalo tum beys aur dikhao woh taakat
Jeet hogi haazil
Tum haaro nahi himmat
Dekho aaya metal fusion
Aakar beyblade hojao shuru
Metal fusion hojao shuru
Beyblade beyblade hojao shuru
larenge, na darenge
hum jeetenge !

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