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Pokemon a famous anime from Japan,entered in Subcontinent around the year 2003.The anime aired in both Pakistan and India on their respective Cartoon Network channels.It aired in both English and hindi dubbed.In March 2011 Pogo started to air the Pokemon episodes in India


Outside of Japan the series has been divided into 16 seasons yet.In Subcontinent almost 13 season have been aired.The list of aired seasons is as follows:

Orignal SeriesEdit

1) Pokemon Indigo League aired in 2003.

2)Pokemon:Adventures In Orange Island aired in 2003-2004.

3) Pokemon:Johto Journeys aired in 2004.

4)Pokemon:Johto Leagure Champions aired in 2004-2005.

5) Pokemon:Master Quest aired in 2005.

Advanced SeriesEdit

6)Pokemon Advanced aired in 2006.

7)Pokemon:Advance Challange aired between 2006-2007.

8)Pokemon:Advance Battle aired in 2008.

9)Pokemon:Battle Frontier aired in 2008-2007

Diamond and Pearl SeriesEdit

10) Pokemon Diamond &Pearl aired in 2009-2010.

11) Pokemon Diamond &Pearl:Battle Dimension aired in 2010.

12)Pokemon Diamond &Pearl:Galactic Battles aired in 2011.

13)Pokemon Diamond &Pearl:Sinnoh League Victors aired in 2011 in India and 2012 in Pakistan.

Movies AiredEdit

1)Mewtwo Returns aired in 2006.

2)Lucario and Mystrey of Mew in 2009.

3)Pokemon Chronicals in 2009.

4) Pokemon Ranger and Temple of Sea in 2010.

5) The Rise of Darkrai in 2011.

6)Giratina and Sky Warrior in 2011.

7)Arceus and Jewel of Life in 2011

8)Zoroark and Master of Illusions aired in 2012